Scott Hembruff

W-EMT, Instructor

Scott is the Operations Manager and Chief Training Instructor for The Highlands Wilderness Training Institute, In addition to being an avid angler and an experienced boater with many years of experience under his belt, A past member of a local Volunteer Fire Department, possessing a strong background in the emergency services/ rescue and medical field. In addition Scott is a licensed commercial pilot with experience flying floatplanes around the North. Holder of The Royal Life Saving Society Bronze Medallion & Bronze Cross. PADI Open Water Scuba Diver. And recipient of two Central East Base Hospital “Lightning Bolt Awards” for being involved in the successful resuscitation of 2 Cardiac Arrest Victims. A previous member of the Canadian Civil Air Search & Rescue based out of Yellowknife NWT and the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.


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Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA)
Prerequisites: None
Certification Validity: 3 Years
Our AWFA course is an excellent starting point for those serious outdoor adventurers or if you are looking to start in the Outdoor Recreation or Outdoor Education fields. Our AWFA is chocked up with realistic scenarios using fake blood and makeup, keeping you on your toes and learn to expect the unexpected. This course will give you a solid understanding in patient assessment as well as many of the key topics in Wilderness First Aid, this course assures you a high level of confidence in your new skills.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be issued with an Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA) Certification valid for three years.

Throughout this course your Instructor will be critiquing students on their performance to ensure the students understanding of basic principles of AWFA. There will be a practical skills verification in the elements of Advanced Wilderness First Aid as well as a multiple choice exam to verify competence at this level.  

Topics to be covered include:
Evacuation Plans and Emergency Procedures
Patient Assessment System
Medical Legal
Spinal Cord Injuries
Long-term Patient Care
Chest Injuries Shock
Head Injuries
Wilderness Wound Management
Athletic Injuries
Fracture Management
Cold Injuries
Heat Illness
Altitude Illness
Cardiac, Respiratory and Neurological Emergencies
Abdominal Emergencies
Bites, Stings and Poisoning
Allergies and Anaphylaxis
Urinary and Reproductive System Issues
Common Wilderness Medical Problems
Wilderness Drug and First Aid Kits

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