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The Weekly Courses provide you with everything covered during a given week for this course.  The following tabs are found inside the Weekly Courses:

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    • Students who miss a class are asked to post comments to the Discussion Forum for the missed class.  Be sure to pay attention to the posting for a given week and activity to make sure you are responding to the correct forum.
    • Feel free to create your own forum conversation, so long as it pertains to the course.  You may continue the dialogue by adding or responding to a classmate's post, too.
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The Eliademy Calendar at the top of each screen allows you to see the assignments and due dates for each without having to look inside each week's content.  Simply click on the assignment for a given date to quickly know what is due and when.

Course Description

This course emphasizes techniques of critical thinking and problem solving using scientific concepts.  Topics include neurobiology (localization of brain function; general functions of specific brain areas; anatomy of the neuron; neurotransmission; mechanism of drug action on neurons; environmental, behavioral, and genetic influences of addiction; addiction as a chronic disease); biological rhythms (organisms maintain a dynamic equilibrium; organisms respond to their environment through their behavior; living systems share many features reflecting their common ancestry; science and technology influence, and are influenced by, society; the nature of science is to propose questions, gather evidence, and answer questions based on that evidence); human genetic variation (evolution and natural selection; ethical issues related to genetic testing and screening; human genetic variation including genetic disorders; multifactorial traits); infectious diseases (causes; society and infectious diseases; antibiotics and antibiotic resistance; natural selection; vaccination).  This course emphasizes the application of basic mathematical skills and scientific reasoning used in preparation for the General Education Development (GED) credential.

Primary source for lessons and activities: National Institutes of Health Curriculum Supplement Series

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