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Farhana Khalique

Farhana Khalique is a writer, teacher and voiceover from south west London, where she lives with her family. Twitter: @HanaKhalique Facebook:


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Advanced Fiction Writing Group is a follow-up group for those of us who have completed the Advanced Fiction Writers course in late 2016. It aims to build on the progress made on last year's writing course, by encouraging writers to write regularly and by providing a supportive space to share and peer review our work. 

Like the previous course, this will be an intensive project, which will require you to produce your own and read each other's writing. So, again, let's aim to commit at least 6-8 hours each week to on-going writing tasks, with a view to sharing a story or work-in-progress every month.

So, let's keep going this year and offer each other a supportive and nurturing environment to help us develop our own ideas and originality! :)

Aims/ objectives:

  • to write and share one piece (a short story or work-in-progress) every month
  • to review each other's work 
  • to share any other other tips/ news to help you develop your writing skills

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