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Once you have completed the basic meeting setup in Compass - it's time to add your hotels! This chapter will walk through the basic steps to build a meeting hotel in Compass. The basic steps in order to create your meeting hotels are generally done in the following order:

  1. Add meeting hotel & complete Meeting Hotel Master
  2. Add room types (process varies if adding variable rate room types - see chapter on Complex Rates)
  3. Block Builder (add room blocks, inventory, permissions, etc)
  4. Set Payment Methods
  5. Complete optional items (notes, meeting hotel incentives, etc)
  6. Creating AXIS user
  7. Hotel Check process

The following videos provide an overview of these steps. You can click into these videos to open them in YouTube if you'd like to follow along in each section.


Course content

  • Meeting Hotels & Add Meeting Hotel Form

  • Meeting Hotel Master

  • Meeting Hotel Incentives

  • Room Types

  • Block Builder

  • Payment Methods

  • Notes

  • AXIS- Setting up a User

  • AXIS - What Hotels See

  • AXIS - Troubleshooting

  • Resort Fees

  • Did someone check your hotels? It's Mandatory!

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