Action Research

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Shuvajit Chakraborty
Rishi Meena
rahul singh


The Action Research Webinar (ARW) is a forum for practitioners, faculty and students who are interested in Action Research and Development Practice. It spans the continuum between PRADAN and Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD), and the communities they jointly serve.


The ARW brings together field faculty and academic faculty for recurring meetings, with focus each time on a specific topic.  This is essentially a space where assigned readings are uploaded, discussed at an interval moderated by one of the group members.  These webinars may explore the very idea of knowledge production in the context of development practice, interrogate methodological challenges, explore possible research questions and discuss the application in action in the  field. Discussions may also explore the role of communities in the co-production of knowledge.

A  larger purpose of this amalgamation is to build reflective development professionals, engender reflective development practice and support the co-production of knowledge with communities and Faculty in the University.

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