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Welcome to the second module of the Contemporary Facilitative Training Technology (CFTT)!

This module comprises of explanatory texts and videos for your understanding of Facilitation.

This module has to be completed before you attend the classroom session on 10th February, 2018. The module is considered complete once you successfully answer all the questions in the task quiz that you shall be required to undertake after you going through all the topics.

We encourage self study and studying at your own pace in a manner comfortable to you. You may randomly browse through the topics as per your choice but we recommend that it is best that you follow the order and chronology as that would help you gain an easier understanding of the content

Please make sure you open the links on this portal in a new tab on your browser so that you do not navigate away from this page. This can be done simply by clicking your right mouse button and selecting the 'open link in new tab' option. Once you have reviewed the video or the text, please come back to your learning portal and continue with the next topic. Kindly follow this for all the links that follow

Please contact Gayathri should you require any assistance.

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