Aminimosparta Sadouk

Mr Abdallah Amin Terriche

A lecturer at Hassiba Ben Bouali University

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Mohammed Kellal
very useful stuff, thank you very much for ur efforts
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The course targets undergraduate second year level students at the English Department at Hassiba Ben Bouali University. The course aims to train learners to draft different genres of paragraphs.

Course content

  • Course 1: Combining sentences in English. Simple Sentences

  • Course 2: Combining sentences in English. Compound Sentences

  • Course 3: Combining sentences in English. Complex Sentences

  • Course 4: Combining sentences in English. Compound-complex Sentences

  • Course 5: The Writing Process Stages. Pre-Writing_Narrowing

  • Course 6: The Writing Process Stages. Pre-Writing_Brainstorming

  • Course 7: The Writing Process Stages. Pre-Writing_Outlining

  • Course 8: Writing My First Paragraph _ The Topic Sentence

  • Course 9: Writing My First Paragraph_Support and concluding sentence

  • Course 10: Reviewing a paragraph _ Revising and Editing

  • Course 11: Writing the Definition Paragraph

  • Course 12: Writing the Narration Paragraph

  • Writing Project

  • 1. Punctuation Tips: Commas in series

  • 2. Punctuation Tips: Commas after introductory words and phrases

  • 3. Punctuation Tips: Commas around interrupting words and phrases

  • 4. Punctuation Tips: Commas in compound sentences

  • 5. Punctuation Tips: Commas in nonrestrictive clauses

  • 6. Punctuation Tips: Semicolon

  • 7. Punctuation Tips: Colon

  • 8. Punctuation Tips: Underlining

  • 9. Punctuation Tips: Quotation Marks

  • 10. Punctuation Tips: Hyphen

  • 11. Parentheses

  • 12. Brackets. Dashes

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