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Get inspired by leaders in top industries to jumpstart your career in entrepreneurship. TLT is a series of monthly keynote speeches with prominent entrepreneurial leaders hosted by Aalto Ventures Program.

The overarching objective is to inspire, engage and drive attendees to pursue the various opportunities that our community enables. Watch the videos or join the events and get inspired!

Course content

  • Risto Siilasmaa: Entrepreneurship as a leadership philosophy: case Nokia

  • Sari Baldauf: Entrepreneurship and Corporate Growth – A Look into the Future

  • John Mullins: Customer-Funded Business

  • Clive Jackson: Insights for budding entrepreneurs

  • Tina Seelig: Get Ideas Out of Your Head and Into the World

  • Jussi Pesonen: Leading transformation: case UPM

  • Otto Söderlund: Digital disruption

  • Kristo Ovaska: Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Evon Söderlund: From a Malaysian village girl to the Most Valuable Entrepreneur in Finland

  • Miki Kuusi: How Slush and Wolt came to be the successes they are today

  • Jenny Wolfram: Building a born-global company

  • Micke Paqvalén: Smart ways of funding a startup

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