Helena Demuynck

Certified Leadership Development Coach & Trainer

Helena Demuynck is a Certified Leadership Development Coach, Facilitator & Trainer. She is the Founding Partner of Konsensus Leadership Coaching & Development and of oxygen4leadership. Both platforms offer international expertise in Leadership Development Trails for Senior Leadership Teams and Executives. She installs sustainable Leadership tracks through advanced facilitation processes and simulation tools for clients such as Microsoft, Swift, Aleris, J&J and G4S. Always happy to develop new connections - Contact @


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6styles is intended for both new and more experienced managers, and can be set up to match the specific leadership challenges that different groups of leaders have to deal with, as well as their positions within the organization.

Focus is both on obtaining organizational goals and enhancing the company climate, based on the climate barometer.

In a dynamic process of experimenting with know-how, roles, needs and qualifications, participants have to take decisions that shed light on their leadership style and management skills. The practical work is combined with theoretical instruction about different leadership styles – and the intended end result is a coherent personal leadership style, along with a development plan for each leader.

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