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Students will gather evidence of life, physical, and earth concepts in 5th grade. In life science students will use scientific tools to look at smaller components of animals and plants. Hand lenses or microscopes will be used to discover microscopic components of organisms in our world. Students will utilize observable evidence to classify organisms and recognize genetic traits.

During the study of physical science concepts, students will investigate and measure the observable effects of chemical and physical changes while recognizing that an object is the sum of its parts. Students will also explore the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

A study of earth science concepts will enable students to compare and contrast the positive and negative impact of forces of Earth’s surface. Students will also utilize geographical features as evidence to identify technological and human interventions used to shape the Earth’s surface.


Study Guide for Science for the year

Course content

  • Unit:Cells and Microorganisms

  • Unit:Genetics

  • Unit:Electricity/Magnetism

  • Unit:Chemical and Physical Changes

  • Unit:Earth

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