5 Effective Tech tools for teachers to increase students's learning


Kadafi Yasser de Jesús and Fernanda Sena


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Program Tittle: 5 Effective Tech tools for teachers to increase students's learning Facilitators: Kadafi Marzán and Fernanda Sena

Program Description: This course is a group of five lessons. Each lesson contains one tech tool (Google Drive, Youtube, Prezi, Powerpoint and Slideshare), its elements and how it works. This course is very simple, learners will learn the main elements related to each tech tool in order to use them in the classroom.


-To learn how to use tech tools to improve the classes.-

-To integrate tech tools into your class planning.

-To motivate students using those tech tools.

Learning Strategies: Students will work individually (self-paced learning). This program is designed with some strategies that will help students achieve the set goals. Some of the are:



-Group work

-Live chats

-Videos Analysis

-Reading articles

Technology Requirements: Computers. Internet Connectivity. Operating System: PC: Windows XP or higher with. A Google Account. Microsoft Office Installed.

Course Materials: All the information related to the course will be online. You only need to click and see the videos, and read some articles. 


1- Articles responses

2- Complete the final quiz for the all units.

3- Synchronous learning Live chat

4- Quiz- About the 5 units



Course Content:


Unit 1: Google Drive

-What is Google Drive?

-Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Drive

-Using Google Drive in the classroom


Unit 2: YouTube

-What is YouTube?

-Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube

-Using YouTube in the classroom


Unit 3: Prezi

-What is Prezi

-Advantages and Disadvantages of Prezi

-Using Prezi in the classroom


Unit 4: PowerPoint

-What is PowerPoint

-Advantages and Disadvantages of PowerPoint

-Using PowerPoint in the classroom


Unit 5: SlideShare

-What is SlideShare

-Advantages and Disadvantages of SlideShare

-Using SlideShare in the classroom

Course content

  • Unit 1: Google Drive

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Drive

  • Using Google Drive in the Classroom

  • Unit 2: YouTube

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of YouTube

  • Using YouTube in the classroom

  • Unit 3: Prezi

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Prezi

  • Using Prezi in the classrooom

  • Unit 4: PowerPoint

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of PowerPoint

  • Using PowerPoint in the c¿Classroom

  • Unit 5: SlideShare

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Slideshare

  • Using SlideShare in the Classroom

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