3rd Grade Tutoring : Language Arts Class


Brandon Acosta


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3rd Grade Tutoring Language Arts Class Syllabus


Instructor Information

Office Location & Hours
Brandon Acosta
Everyday from 10 am to 10pm

General Information


This is a fundament class for students to take that will help them in many skills towards the future that will be reflected towards their knowledge.

Expectations and Goals

This class is expected to follow directions and ultimately pay attention in class. All rules and regulation are based on common sense and this class is expected to do great throughout the year. Everything that has to do with the class’ education may be said and asked the teacher. Learning is the priority, and learning is not a goal, it is the privilege of the classroom.

Course Materials

Required Materials

All materials are as follows:

Ÿ Any tablet that can be connected to the Internet and can be used to type with.

Ÿ Paper (both lined and printer)

Ÿ Writing Utensils

Optional Materials

Optional materials will be announced in class and be used as extra credit opportunity. For example, if all need one specific book for one day, then you may bring it as an optional material, but mandatory areas above and as following this text. Below, are the text that you need.

Required Text

Information Notes, Yourself

Additional Information and Resources

Be Prepared

This class may not be easy for some, but as long as you are ready and prepared for the day, you will be fine. This class in fundamental in many ways and is for purely educational purposes. Your effort will translate towards your grade in the class.

Course content

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