2016 FOCUS Volunteer Training


Amy Maxton


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"Those who do not train in peacetime are first to bleed in war." - Dr. David Mitchell


You have received an email with everything you need to know for this week. Let me know asap if you have questions. Thanks!


What You Should Know:

  • Documents you need to read are in the under the "Tasks" tab. Please read, and then confirm you have done so after each.
    • When you click each task, it will ask something to the effect of "Have you read and understood this document" Below that, is a link to a pdf. Click on the pdf to download the document, read it, and then return to answer the question.
  • All discussion forums are under the "Discussions" tab. You need to comment on each.
  • Under the FOCUSTAN tab, are two critical documents relating to the history and culture of Focustan. It is essential that you read and are very familiar with them.
  • It's your responsibility to take advantage of the content here. The expectation is that you will arrive at Webster, ready to go.  


“The Gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world – just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood God’s grace.” – Col. 1:6

“I am in the ministry not because I fear that God’s work won’t be done – but because I fear that if I were not involved, it would be done without me.”  - Dr. Sukhwart Singh Bhatia

“Baptism is a blood sport done in public.” – Kelley Nikondeha

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