2016 American Councils Professional Development Program for NSLI-Y Summer Resident Directors


NSLI-Y Program


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Welcome to the NSLI-Y Program! The material in this course is designed to give you a strong background on the purpose and goals of the NSLI-Y Program, as well as to provide a thorough training and resources on how to be a successful Resident Director.

Resident Directors are responsible for the well-being and safety for NSLI-Y participants during their summer programs overseas. The readings and materials in this course were created by professionals with many years of experience working with youth on study abroad programs. We require that Resident Directors complete this course before beginning the RD assignment this summer.

We will also be in touch with you to provide further resources and information on your student participants, site-specific resources such as a list of medical professionals who we have worked with in the past at your site, and other key pieces of information. We are always available to answer your questions and will be on hand throughout the program to ensure its success. Good luck!

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