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My name is Darany and I'm a member of the recruiting team for Highline. I'm excited to be your Eliademy facilitator this fall. I have been working with children most of my life but did not pursue my teaching certificate until I was in my early thirties. I was definitely a non-traditional college student! As I was completing my Masters in Teaching, I worked as a special education paraeducator at Mill Creek Middle School in Kent. I was then placed in Highline at Madrona Elementary for my student teaching assignment. My mentor teacher and I had a blast and I learned a great deal from her. I am very fortunate to still have her as a friend. I graduated in December and I had an interview for a non-continuing teaching position, which I thought I had rocked but I came in second place. I was of course...heartbroken, but I didn't let that stop me! I decided to sub and I got a chance to check out all of the schools in Highline and get know staff and administration. I ended the school year in a long term subbing position in a 2/3 spilt and then I got my job offer that summer. I taught for 4 years as a 1st grade teacher and this last year I was a K-2 specialist in my school. Leaving students and my school family was not an easy decision, but I had an amazing opportunity to help find and keep amazing teachers for all of the students in Highline. 

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and visiting you at your schools starting in September. This online course was created as a resource for you this school year. It will give us an opportunity to get to know each other, a platform for networking with one another and a place to ask and answers questions. I realize that you will all be very busy student teaching and studying, so there is no requirement to join, but I encourage you to participate as much as you can. One last thing, I want you all to know that the recruiting team is here to support you through your journey of becoming a teacher! 

Happy student teaching this school year!!!!!!


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