2015 FOCUS National Training


Amy Maxton


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This is a 6-week course designed to give you the tools you will need to be a successful National volunteer at FOCUS Orientation.


Week 1: Character DevelopmentDUE April 17 at midnight.

        -Read Character Development document.

        -Introduce your character in the Discussion Board on Forum 1.

        -Send your headshot to Adam.

        -Complete the Quiz.


Week 2: Basics — DUE April 17 at midnight.

        -Read basics document.

        -Complete Discussion forum 2.

        -Complete Discussion forum 3.


Week 3: Awareness of Other Cultures: 1 — DUE April 24 at midnight.

        -Read Awareness of Other Cultures: 1 document.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 4.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 5.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 6.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 7.


Week 4: Awareness of Other Cultures: 2 — DUE May 1 at midnight.

         -Read Awareness of Other Cultures: 2 document.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 8.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 9.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 10.
        -Read the Pressure and Stress Inoculation document.
        -Complete the Pressure & Stress Quiz 


Week 5: Awareness of Self: 1 — DUE May 8 at midnight.

        -Read the Self Awareness document.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 11.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 12.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 13.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 14.


Week 6: Final Thoughts — DUE May 15 at midnight.

        -Read the Miscellaneous document.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 15.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 16.

        -Complete Discussion Forum 17.

        -Pack for O-Week! See you there!


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