2014 Environmental Responsibility in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry


Susanna Fabricius

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Paulina Tuhkunen
tack för en intressant kurs! God Jul!
Kan du dock ännu skriva feedback om Berlin uppgiften.
Julia Lampenius



Use always Google Chrome, Mozilla or Safari -browser
The platform doesn´t work properly with Internet Explorer (IE) (for example 
submitting tasks is not possible by IE),

Remember that all the quiz answers give you max 15 points which will be calculated at the end of the course separately


Welcome to study Environmental responsibility in the travel and tourism context

You find all the materials related to course in Chapters 1-7. There are several types of information sources available from texts to videos and pdf-documents
to active links inside the text. All the material is meant to be used during your 
learning. The active links illustrate theories and practices and lead you to 
company cases. Also you find attached documents after almost every chapter -get familiar with them, as well.
You find five tasks and 7 small quizzes in the tasks section. Please study and 
produce the tasks in chronological order. What comes to quizzes and the task 
number 4, you have 2 attempts / quiz.


Course description
Environmental Responsibility in the Hospitality and tourism Industry gives an overview on environmental management for the future hospitality and tourism professionals. The course focuses on how to manage environmental impact of the business operations,introduces tools and measurement methods, as well as policy guidelines and regulations. The course provides essential knowledge and understanding in environmentally responsible business context.

After successful completing the course the student knows facts and frames of environmental management and understands the meaning of environmental responsibility as a part of competitive business practices. Also, the course gives practical information how to plan and   build up main steps for environmental management system.

Learning outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, the student
  -understands the concept of environmental management in the hospitality and   tourism industry
  -understands the content and process of environmental management as a         part of strategic corporate development
  -the skills to take part in developing environmental responsibility operations on   the corporate level
  -has the capacity to analyze the state of environmental management
Course content
  -Environmental Management as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility
  -Concepts and definitions related to environmental management
  -Environmental impact of tourism industry
  -Policy guidelines and regulations steering environmental responsibility
  -Environmental management systems and ecolabels, such as EMAS, ISO140  01 and Green Office
  -Environmental management systems, planning, measure methods and tools
  -Implementation of environmental management system
  -Future challenges 
Assignments: 10+15+15+25+20+15=100p
Task I: Media review 10p (chapters 1-3) - individual task
Task II: Industry case " Authentic Mekong Experience" 15p (chapters 3-4) - in
pairs or individually
Task III: Ecolabels 15p (chapter 3-4) - in pairs or individually
Task IV: Questionnaire 25p (chapters 1-7) individual task
Task V: Report from Berlin/Helsinki, pairs 20p
Self-study -quiz 1-7 (chapters 1-7) max 15p totally individual task

28th Oct – course available for students
15th Nov – deadline for task I and self-study quiz 1-2
25th Nov –deadline for task II and self-study quiz 3-4
09th Dec – deadline for task III and self-study quiz 5-6
12th Dec - deadline Berlin/Helsinki report
17th Dec- deadline for task IV and self-study quiz 7
Teacher with the main responsibility for the course
ARCADA : Susanna Fabricius susanna.fabricius@arcada.fi


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