Miss Matas

English Teacher

Lives in the English Faculty, upstairs in E Block. Classroom: E15 Bradman House Group Leader


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Welcome to Year 10 English

I hope you enjoy the various activities in which you will engage during the year. You will be reading a range of texts including novels, plays, poems, songs, non-fiction, films, picture books and short stories. At times, you will be using computers to publish your work and the internet for research. You will also be asked to express your ideas and understanding in many different ways. This could include delivering speeches, debating, writing essays, writing stories, completing comprehension tasks, and designing brochures and/or advertisements. 


This year for English you will need:

  • a covered exercise book (130 pages or more)
  • a covered exercise book for journal (96 pages)
  • pens, pencils, scissors, glue and a plastic ruler
  • a dictionary
  • a A4 display folder


You will have 4 major assessment tasks this year. They will be tasks that assess the skills and understanding you have developed in class. You will be given a detailed task sheet each term and it will tell you what is expected and when the task is due. You will also be expected to complete various wide reading, journal tasks and various homework activities set for you by the teacher. There may be in class examinations. 

It is very important that all work is submitted by the due date. The English faculty expects all staff and students take pride in being responsible, respectful active learners. 

Thank you,

Miss Matas

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