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Course description
The course aims at providing knowledge on business model innovation in terms of co-creative development. Students will be introduced to the holistic concept of business model and to its strategic meaning in changing business environment.

Learning outcomes and competences
At the end of this course, students are expected to know the tools and techniques that can be applied to changing business environments, understand how to apply co-creative thinking in real business environments and be able to implement their knowledge and skills to develop innovative business models.

At the end of the course, students are expected to show their abilities for interaction, analysis and problem-solving, adapting knowledge to new situations, thinking holistically, acting co-creatively, and developing new business models.


Course contents

  1. Essentials of business model – concept, components and construction.
  2. Examples of business models.
  3. Analyzing and forecasting business environment.
  4. Co-creation: objectives, outcomes, methods and tools.
  5. Open innovation: requirements and possibilities

Mode of delivery
Both face-to-face and virtual learning are used. 


  • Interactive virtual  meetings  (ACP, Skype) /lessons :25 hours 
  • Collaborative project work (Google Docs, Dropbox or similar platforms): 40 hours
  • Workshop  (ACP, Skype, classroom): 5 hours


  • Self-reading (Eliademy):  30 hours
  • Learning tasks (Eliademy): 35 hours
  • Mode can be adapted nationally and personally.

Read a more detailed course description from the course description template attached.


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Course content

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