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법철학은 다섯 가지 영역으로 구성된다. 1) 법철학의 주요주제 2) 법철학의 응용주제 3) 동시대의 법철학이론 4) 법철학사 5) 유력한 법학이론에 대한 검토이다. 본 강의는 법철학의 영역들 중에서 법철학의 중요주제(법개념, 정의, 해석, 권리)를 학습하고 유력한 법학이론을 검토하는 것을 중심으로 한다.

Legal Philosophy Issues examined by legal researchers and institutions essentially revolve around questions of justice, whether it be in a general or specific problem-solving sense. In this context the question of the meaning and standard of justice may be said to be the fundamental topic of legal study. Legal philosophy is the subject which deals with such fundamental issues of law. This course will not only examine the achievements and thoughts of various legal philosophers regarding justice, but will also provide the opportunity for students to think independently and to offer their own opinions on this topic.

Course Code : C00275  
Class Start : 30 Mar 2015
Course Length : 13 Weeks
Estimated effort : 3-5 hours per week


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