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The office of Education and Classroom Achievement at BTMW International is to promote and support students who are interested in improving their education skills.
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Student-Organized Group gives back to the community.
Baseball Training Makes Winners is the official title for a group known as BTMW. BTMW is a student group organized by Hardee’s Finest Baseball players. The group's goal is to be the change in a county that has a high drug, pregnancy, crime, and high school dropout rate. “Everyone talks about the problems our county faces but no one comes up with solutions and if they do come up with some they are ineffective” said Andrew McGuckin, President of BTMW Hardee County is ranked number 1 in Teen Pregnancies within our state and Florida alone has a 77.9% drop out rate. “We have taken the initiative to help get our fellow classmates back on track for graduation. BTMW has started a Free Online SAT and ACT prep classes that students can access and work on at anytime.” said JaKevis Brown, Director of Public Relations/Education at BTMW. BTMW is growing super fast! BTMW started in 2017 and has started another BTMW organization in Africa. BTMW operates in three regions within the state of Florida and is constructing operations in Georgia and Minnesota. “Our goal is to eventually become a global organization all over the world, not just for baseball players, but for every person who wants to better the community they live in.” said Matthew Tyson, Senior Vice President at BTMW BTMW recently became an accredited club through a social media accreditation group called Entertainment Council on Accreditation “We had some errors, but we are still a fully accredited group, the council just gave us 6 months to fix any issues...which have already been repaired and now we are just waiting on our 6 month review.” said Dylan Davis, Vice President of Operations at BTMW Whatever the case may be, BTMW will do what it can to ensure the betterment of their community!

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