Запись вебинара – Eliademy бесплатная платформа для ваших онлайн курcов

Элиадеми это бесплатная платформа для онлайн обучения, поторая позволяет вам не только создавать онлайн курсы для ваших студентов или клиентов, но также и зарабатывать на них. Посмотрите запись вебинара на русском языке чтобы узнать:

  • Основные возможности редактора курсов
  • Советы по стилистическому оформлению
  • Как добавлять задание и тесты
  • Как отправлять приглашения
  • Как выдавать сертификаты о прохождении курса
  • Основные отличия бесплатной и премиум версий
  • Репетиторство на Eliademy и продажа курсов

Вебинар проводил Сергей Герасименко, директором по развитию продукта и сооснователь проекта и Надежда Блуст, онлайн репетор немецкого языка и пользователь Элиадеми.

Weekly Product Update

This week’s update has focused largely around improving various issues that you have noticed via UserVoice. Most notable are the following improvements:

  • Improved certificate sharing on Twitter, now each certificate is displayed as a twitter card
  • Improved course setting screen (thumbnail upload, course privacy options are clear)
  • Simplified adding files to topics and tasks
  • Improved topic navigation on large content-rich courses
  • Improved sorting logic for tasks on topic (due dates in descending order first, alphabet based for tasks without due dates)
  • Added necessary waring dialogs for old and unsupported internet browsers
  • Fixed color coding of received tasks on teacher grading screen
  • Normalized average grade display among different views
  • Added multiple placeholder to make answering quizzes and task more clear for first time users
  • Added ability to highlight background of any text on course topics or tasks

Thank you for your feedback during this week. Especially to Rean Cross, Yuliya Nesterenko, David Suchanek and Tia Laipaik. Please remember to share your experience with us directly by pressing the ? mark on the right side of your screen or via Ideas forum.


In addition, Eliademy is fully available in Dutch/Netherlands language now. Our biggest thank you goes to Johannes Kamp one of our first users and now biggest contributor on Dutch localization. If you would like to help and have Eliademy available in your language too, please visit translate.eliademy.com.

New online course: How to start crowdfunding

Kristiina Pääkkönen, the Country Manager of FundedByMe in Finland, just launched a new course about crowdfunding on Eliademy. We are glad to republish the article she wrote on LinkedIn:

New online course: How to start crowdfunding

When I met Daniel Daboczy on January 2013 I did not know much about crowdfunding. I was amazed by his wide knowledge and crowdsourcing mindset, friendly attitude and the unique charismatic and engaging leadership style. “Welcome to the team” he said and hugged me warmly.

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NGO: Raise awareness and funds with Eliademy

The use of e-learning in NGOs is increasing dramatically, like in any other type of organization. It is mostly thought as a mean to train the employees, volunteers and partners. However, creating and sharing online courses can also help out with two crucial issues for NGOs: raising public awareness and raising funds. What about using Eliademy e-learning platform in order to increase public support to your cause and raise funds to sustain your actions?

On Eliademy, NGOs can raise awareness and funds.

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CRDF Global welcome to Eliademy

CRDF Global is an “independent nonprofit organization that promotes international scientific and technical collaboration.” CRDF Global was authorized by the U.S. Congress in 1992 under the FREEDOM Support Act and established in 1995 by the National Science Foundation. This unique public-private partnership promotes international scientific and technical collaboration through grants, technical resources, and training.

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