North Union Secondary School (Caribbean) welcome to Eliademy

Northon Union Secondary school is located in a small Caribbean island. 

Eliademy at caribbean islands

At this institution, students are taught various subjects and skills. Teachers seek to integrate Information Communication Technology(ICT) in the classroom & according to their opinion: Eliademy is the ideal solution.

We are very happy to see this small island and their teachers embracing 21st century solutions. We are even happier that Eliademy is used by all age groups, nationalities and that one can have an opportunity to high quality education no matter where they are located.

Soon we will update also our mobile client for offline reading (estimated delivery May 2015) so we can make it easier for students to continue learning at home without internet. Stay tuned to our updates and participate to our localisation efforts or simply to the discussion on what to build next.



Global Workers Justice Alliance welcome to Eliademy

The GloWorkers rights joins Eliademy bal Workers Justice Alliance story is amazing, was founded by Cathleen Caron to challenge a developing and unaddressed crisis in the globalizing economy: abused migrant workers being shut out of the justice system because they went home to their families. Starting out as an attorney defending the rights of migrant workers in Florida, she saw this denial of justice again and again. After a hard-earned class action win against a particularly exploitative farm in south Florida, she was profoundly troubled when the majority of the two thousand farmworkers never recovered the wages legally owed them because they had left Florida, many to return to their homeland of Guatemala. Cathleen’s experience was similar to other advocates across the United States. Despite diligent efforts by dedicated advocates, the reality of these workers’ lives meant that they crossed borders, complicating any legal action on their behalf.

Subsequently, Cathleen designed and spearheaded a project on human trafficking in East Timor. What she encountered in East Timor was the same as the United States–the denial of cross-border justice. She began to realize that the need “portable justice”–as she started calling it–was not confined to North America but that it was a global phenomena. Forcing workers to choose between enforcing their rights or going home seemed wholly unjust. Cathleen was determined to find another way.

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Weekly Product Update

This week update focused on simplifying even further the course access settings and responding to various issues that you have noticed via UserVoice. In particular we have:

  • Simplified course setting page and added additional explanations of various course modes
  • Fixed problem with custom background picture that was reseting while changing category
  • Improved display of submission counters across all platform
  • Improved reliability of assigning additional teacher on a course
  • Simplified starting Eliademy Premium trial
  • Added transaction receipts history for Eliademy Premium

We also updated default user picture for each new user, but please remember that it is very easy to change you profile picture by importing it from your social media account.

Thank you for your feedback during this week. Please remember to share your experience with us directly or via Ideas forum. If you have a minute of free time, please volunteer to make Eliademy fully available in your language.

Spring is finally here, enjoy it as much as we do!


Sookmyung Women’s University from South Korea joins Eliademy

South Korea Eliademy Sookmyung Women’s University (Korean: 숙명여자대학교(淑明女子大學校)) is a private university in Yongsan-guSeoulSouth Korea. Founded in 1906, Sookmyung is Korea’s first royal private educational institution for women. It has long history of educating female leaders in history. Sookmyung’s name come from ancient characters with meaning “elegant” and “bright”.

We are excited that our service is already used by 1000s of South Koreans and looks like that Eliademy popularity in the country will only grow after this special documentary about Supercell and Eliademy from South Korean national television.

If you want a glimpse of what kind of courses are served in South Korean language, take a look professor HYUNGYUL KIM profile on Eliademy.

Learn more about Eliademy Premium Academic license here.logo-eliademy-partner-150

Police department of City of Nampa, Idaho (USA) welcome to Eliademy


Police department of City of Nampa in United States, Idaho chose to use Eliademy training 135 sworn and 50 non-sworn Police officers.

They are delighted with Eliademy Premium service and eager to jump start their training and offer 21st century skills to officers who serve and protect in 89.000 strong community.

We are honored to have Nampa Police Department on board. Also, we decided to extend coverage of our Academic Licenses to all government funded institution, especially when their job is to save lives.

Learn more about Eliademy Premium Academic license here.