Eliademy Premium gets better team management

As of today, Eliademy Premium is used by over a thousand of NGOs, public schools, and commercial organizations. Today we are launching a better version of administration interface which makes managing team members, students and enrollments much simpler.

The biggest change is an addition of separate roles, once you open user management screen you will see 2 distinct lists. “All people”, a list which collects all registered Eliademy users who ever attended any of your courses. And “Organization team”, a list of user with special roles:

  • Account owner can see and modify any course created by this team
  • Administrator can see and modify any course created by this team, but can’t access billing interface
  • Observer (or Teaching Assistant) can see any course created by this team, but can make changes only in courses they teach
  • Organization instructor can see only courses they teach, don’t have access to admin interface

As before, courses created by any team member are automatically linked with your organization and may be delivered as private. Roles can be changed anytime by a group administrator. Among other changes:

  • Admins can see a status of each sent invitation (delivered/opened) and resend it if a recipient was not able to receive it.
  • My Courses tab for account owner and admin displays only courses where those users have explicit roles as an instructor or student.
  • Organization Courses tab displays a list of public and private courses created by users of an organization. This list is visible to account owner, administrator, and observer.
  • Roles can be assigned upon sending and invitation to join the team.
  • Administrator can create custom groups for all users (not only team members) and see at once all users not yet assigned to a group.
  • Administrator can duplicate or jump directly to any course from “Manage Enrollments” screen.
  • Administrator can easily enroll already registered user without sending them a course invitation.

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Theses changes are available for all Eliademy Premium users starting today. Please let us know what you think about them.

If you still don’t use Eliademy Premium, you can give it a try with 30 days free trial. Please note, if use Eliademy as NGO or public educational organization you can apply for an academic license.

Thank you for the outstanding amount of feedback, improvement ideas and encouragements. We are really proud to have such an active and supportive community.

The loveless intelligence is arrogant, Love is a Sine Qua Non condition.

Sine Qua Non

Today we welcome an institute full of love. “Sine Qua Non  from Brasil has a mission to raise individuals substantially diminished by the social circumstances to the human condition of knowing, being and doing – this condition can revoke the verdict of economic misery, intellectual, moral and spiritual force; leading them from the right to be helped to the duty of helpers.

Foster perseverance to those who do not own forces. Provide pathways to those who have no direction to follow. Free final and extensively to those who are the fruit of a reality that makes it impossible to overcome their life circumstances – those who are oppressed and constrained by the current economic models.

Their slogan encapsulates their mission even better: “love as a prerequisite to any genuinely good deed”.

We are proud that they choose Eliademy to support their mission and we would like to congratulate Rafael Monteiro Teixeira Arndt for making his vision a reality.

After reading their values and mission statement, we feel that we need to update our own “Love” pages to be as poetically superior as of the “Sine Qua Non” institute. From organizations like this we get inspired!

Singapore Workforce Development Agency proudly on Eliademy! (新加坡劳动力发展局)

The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (AbbreviationWDAChinese: 新加坡劳动力发展局) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Manpower of the Singapore Government.

Singapore Workforce development agency

Singapore Workforce development agency

WDA was established in 2003 to enhance the competitiveness of the Signaporian workforce by encouraging workers to learn for life and advance with skills. In today’s economy, most jobs require not just knowledge, but also skills.

WDA collaborates with employers, industry associations, the Union and training organisations, to develop and strengthen the Continuing Education and Training (CET) system that is skills-based, open and accessible, as a mainstream pathway for all workers – young and older, from rank and file to professionals and executives – to upgrade and advance in their careers and lives.

For Singapore’s workforce to remain competitive and employable in today’s fast-changing workplace, they must have both knowledge and skills that are relevant, current and sought after by employers. In turn, this will also help companies strengthen their capabilities, remain competitive, and contribute to stronger economic growth for Singapore.

WDA aims to help workers advance in their careers and lives by developing and strengthening skills-based training for adults. We work with various partners–including employers, industry associations, the Union and training organisations–to develop relevant skills-based training that is accessible to all in the Workforce, whether young or old, from rank-and-file to professionals and executives.

For Eliademy WDA is proudly another public reference in addition to previously announced “The world of Work” and “Workers Association from UK” . We are glad to see that we share a common vision with those associations and to emphasise the message that Eliademy is here to serve all your e-elearning needs.


School Nurses International is joining Eliademy!

School Nurses International provides a forum for nurses around the world working with school children to come together in a stimulating intellectual and happy environment to share their knowledge and understanding of the emotional, social and physical needs of the school aged child.

Nurses International

Nurses International

Since 1981, members have voluntarily formed international committees to jointly organize, plan, and host biennial conferences. The use of Universities and residential schools for our conferences has given us economical living space and academic support and in many instances School Nurses and their families have been welcomed into the homes of families in the host country after the conference, through which many friendships have been forged.

Their Mission statement is: “To share knowledge in the caring of children in our individual educational systems, knowing that it will make a difference in his or her life”.

We welcome our latest public reference and we are excited to announch that next week we will release a major update on Eliademy. Stay tuned for the big news and remember to visit our support pages and contribute to Eliademy!

Western Autistic School from Australia welcome to Eliademy!

Western Autistic SchoolLaverton, Australia, is an educational organisation for students who have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which was established in 1979 in a church hall with six pupils. In 2014 it has 320 pupils. The school caters for students up to grade 3.

Western Autistic School

Western Autistic School

It has two campuses, the main campus at Laverton with 200+ students and the original school at Niddrie with 100+ students, an adolescent program called the Baseroom in Essendon Keilor College, in Airport West; an arts program in Laverton; and an Alternative Baseroom Program known as the Wattle Unit at Laverton.

The school also provides support and education to other professionals and is part of the Australian educational system. Western Autistic School has established the Autism Teaching Institute (ATI) which is a Registered Training Organisation delivering training to mainstream teachers throughout Victoria. The ATI also established the Practical Autism Research Centre (PRAC) in 2010 and has formed partnerships with several universities to conduct research. Western Autistic School also offers significant outreach support to staff and students in primary and secondary schools across the Western Region of Melbourne.

We are glad that they choose Eliademy as their learning platform and we would like to encourage them to submit ideas and improvements on our Development pages.

ГБОУ СОШ 1950 from Russia, welcome to Eliademy!

Today we welcome a very special school from Moscow, Russia. “School 1950″ a free translation of the name is a state budget institution of the city of Moscow with a in-depth study of specific subjects.



Subjects include mathematics, biology and science and they train 1200 students (age 9 to 17) every year. More than 140 teachers are teaching in the facility and we were surprised to notice that they publish the salary levels of their staff.

We also noticed that their web site is rather informative and well structured, students can even book an appointment with the head of the school over the net. A rather unusual sight for a public school website but something worth looking at and getting some ideas on how to improve your public web page.

Once again, we welcome them to Eliademy and we hope that we will see OER (Open education resources) contributed to Eliademy catalog in Russian language. We started this year offering OER courses and 100s have been created so far, so go ahead and contribute as well!