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Valerie has over 20 years of study and practice in Holistic Healing modalities and spiritual living. She is an empowerment coach, female teen advocate, public speaker, certified Life Coach, author, Energy Healing Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, a Meditation Coach, and holds certifications in the areas of nutrition and Curanderismo. Valerie has also dealt with major catastrophes throughout her life and learned through soul and spiritual work how to rise above her circumstance. Valerie has experience with being an orphan, a homeless pregnant teen, living with abuse, being a divorced single mother and remaining strong in the face of adversity. She uses her experiences to lift up others and support them the way spirit supported her and pushed her to keep her head up and keep going. Valerie has a strong connection to Earth, its inhabitants and makes every effort to help others see the light through the darkness. Her last name literally means light bearer or holder of the light. Valerie knows she is here to make other lives brighter and support their spiritual growth. She is a natural born empath as well as a channeler of energies. She met her twin flame using soul healing techniques and intentional living. Valerie is honored to be blessed with this knowledge and ability to pass it on to you.
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Hello, this is the video I shared in the private facebook group Aries Holistics Sacred Space. I'm in there almost daily for you guys, please stop by. Click to join the course. I hope to see you there :)